Types of Paid Services

We pay for treatment and care services to meet needs related to your work injury

Services may include:

  • medical treatment, such as medication, hospital stays and doctor's appointments
  • rehabilitation, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
  • aids and equipment, such as wheelchairs
  • home and vehicle modifications, such as ramps, rails and hoists
  • attendant care services, like personal care, domestic services and home or garden maintenance
  • help to return to work and the other things you want to do and achieve in your life (your goals).

The services must be considered ‘reasonably necessary’. For details on what is considered ‘reasonably necessary’ download our ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment and care information sheet.

Requesting services and support

Talk to your workers care coordinator or rehabilitation case manager about what you want to do and achieve in your life (your goals). You may also want to talk about the types of services and supports you need to reach these goals.

Your rehabilitation case manager will help you identify the services and support workers care may be able to pay for. Then your rehabilitation case manager can request these on your behalf. Most services will usually be requested as part of a ‘My Plan’, which is our person-centred planning tool. Find out more about planning for the future.

There are some services that aren’t requested in a My Plan. This includes services such as attendant care, equipment and home modifications. Your rehabilitation case manager (or other service providers working with you, such as an occupational therapist) can help you request these services and submit these on the specific workers care forms on your behalf.

If you no longer have a rehabilitation case manager, you can contact your coordinator to discuss how they can help you to request services or develop a new plan.

It’s important to get approval from us before organising any services.

There are some things that you can pay for yourself and claim reimbursement for, like travel to treatment and rehabilitation appointments. For more information on the types of things you can claim ask your coordinator or download our travel to attend treatment and rehabilitation services information sheet.

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