A service provider is any individual, company or organisation that workers care pays to deliver services to meet your treatment and care needs. Examples of service providers are doctors, physiotherapists, case managers, psychologists and attendant care providers.

Some service providers must be approved by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).  This includes vocational rehabilitation providers, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and psychologists. Talk to your coordinator before choosing any service providers.

workers care uses many of the same service providers as icare lifetime care. This includes rehabilitation case managers attendant care providers, building modification project managers and building modification occupational therapists. These providers have been have been chosen because of their experience in working with people with severe injury and the quality of their service.

You can find out more about attendant care providers and rehabilitation case managers, including how to find a provider on the following pages.

  • attendant care

  • We pay for attendant care to help you with tasks that you need support to do because of your injury.
  • rehabilitation case managers

  • A rehabilitation case manager will usually coordinate your treatment and care in the early stages after injury. They may coordinate your treatment and care during times of change.

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