Invoicing guide

Invoicing us correctly means you’ll receive your payments sooner. We’ll pay you by electronic transfer.

Your invoice must include:

  • your ABN and registered business name
  • your HIC provider number or SIRA approval number (where applicable)
  • the date of invoice and the date of service
  • an invoice number
  • the worker's name and workers compensation claim number
  • the approval (RP) number and payment code for each service
  • the cost (including GST), which must not exceed the pre-approved amount on the approval notice (or purchase order)

For more advice on how to invoice us correctly, download the invoicing requirements information sheet.

Payment codes and reference numbers

Each service we pay for has a payment code. You need to reference it on your invoice. Download our payment codes.

Every time we approve a service we issue a written approval notice to the worker. As a provider, you may receive a copy of this notice or a specific purchase order with the approval numbers (always starts with RP) and payment codes. You need to reference these on your invoice.

Always refer to our approval notice (or purchase order) when invoicing because it will generally include all the information you need to invoice.

If you have any questions about payment codes you can contact the worker's case manager, or coordinator, or call us on 1300 738 586.

New Providers

If you're providing services to a worker for the first time, you will also need to complete the vendor file addition/change request form and email the finance team. It is recommended to provide an email address to receive remittance notices when your invoices are paid.

Getting paid

Email is the preferred method for invoice submissions. Invoice should be sent as PDF to:

Email: (no other enquiries should be sent to this address)

Post: Workers Care, GPO Box 4052 George Street, Sydney NSW 2001

You should be paid in under 30 days if:

  • you have provided all the correct information in the invoice
  • the services or goods delivered are satisfactory

Download the invoicing information sheet for additional information about the payment and invoicing process.

Further information

If you still have questions about invoices and payments, you can contact Accounts Payable over the phone on 1300 416 829 or by emailing the accounts team. The Australian Tax Office also provides information on how to set out tax invoices that you might find helpful.

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