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work trials

Work trials involving placing injured workers with host employers so they can gain some alternative work experience.

A work trial places the injured worker with an employer for short periods when the pre injury employer is unable to provide suitable employment.

It is a voluntary short term agreement aimed at helping injured workers maintain or regain employment as part of a return to work strategy.

The placement is to provide a suitable work environment to either increase the injured worker's (trainee's):

  • capacity to return to their pre injury job, or
  • transferable skills to gain a different job with either the pre-injury employer or a new employer.

A trainee receives no payment from the host during the work trial. The insurer or SIRA pays for fares to and from the workplace and essential equipment to perform work trial duties.

If the trainee sustains a new injury during the work trial period, it will be managed as part of the existing claim by the insurer.

We may reimburse additional expenses for other claims made on the host's insurance policies, if the trainee is at fault.

Additional expenses are limited to the premium excess or increase directly resulting from the trainee's actions.

The Work trial: information brochure outlines the benefits of the program for workers and host employers as well as the financial arrangements and responsibilities during the trial.

Further information

The Work trial guidelines for rehabilitation providers and insurers provides detailed information about worker eligibility, trial host suitability, submitting a proposal, claiming costs and other details.

The Work trial agreement outlines the responsibilities of all parties involved in the work trial and must be completed by all parties prior to approval of a work trial.

The Vocational program: details form is used to submit a proposal for endorsement of a vocational program and related expenses, or to request an extension/amendment for a previously approved program.

The Vocational program: closure report form is used to notify SIRA of the outcome of the vocational program.

The Vocational program: claim for payment form is used to request payment or reimbursement for SIRA vocational program costs and/or associated expenses. It also allows you to nominate the account you would like to use for these payments.

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