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transition to work program

Funding can be provided to remove immediate or short-term barriers that are preventing an injured worker from starting work with a new employer.

This program provides funding to address immediate or short term barriers or needs that prevent a worker from obtaining or accepting an offer of employment with a new employer.

There are two payment tiers under the transition to work program:

  • Tier 1 – up to $200 to help a worker prepare for job seeking or to commence work. The payment can be used more than once provided the cumulative costs do not exceed $200.
  • Tier 2 –up to $5,000 to address immediate or short term barrier/s that prevent a worker accepting an offer of new employment. This might include travel, transitional child care arrangements, and clothing. The payment can be used more than once provided the cumulative costs do not exceed $5,000.

The SIRA transition to work guidance material provides detailed information on the policies and procedures when applying for a transition to work payment. All submissions must comply with these requirements.

Further information

The Vocational program: details form is used to submit a proposal for a vocational program and related expenses, or to request an extension/amendment for a previously approved program.

The Vocational program: closure report form is used to notify SIRA of the outcome of the vocational program.

The Vocational program: claim for payment form is used to request payment or reimbursement for SIRA vocational program costs and/or associated expenses. It also allows you to nominate the account you would like to use for these payments.

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