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payments and expenses

An injured worker may be eligible for a range of benefits, depend on the individual claim and the type, nature and severity of the injury.

The compensation you may receive for a claim depends on the type, nature and severity of the injury.

  • weekly payments

    If your workplace injury has resulted in a loss of earnings, you may be entitled to weekly payments.

  • medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses

    You may have all or some of your medical treatment and service expenses paid for.

  • return to work assistance

    Once you’ve recovered from your workplace injury, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for costs and services associated with returning to work.

  • property damage claims

    An accident can also cause damage to a worker’s property such as artificial aids and clothing. In such cases, you may be eligible for compensation for property damage.

  • commutations

    If we agree that you’ll receive payment of your injured worker entitlements in a lump sum, that’s called a commutation. Several conditions must be met prior to approval for commutation.

  • work injury (common law) damages

    In some circumstances, injured workers may lodge a claim for modified common law damages, or “work injury damages”, which compensate you for loss of income resulting from a workplace injury.

  • family support and funeral expenses

    Payments may be made to a family member who was totally or partially dependent for support on the worker at the time of the worker's death.

  • workers compensation changes

    Find out how the 2015 reforms will make a difference to you.