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who to insure

Information on sole traders and partnerships, insurance for small, medium and large employers and principal contractor issues, cross border arrangements, and the workers status service.

  • sole trader and partnerships

    If you’re a sole trader/proprietor or member of a partnership, you’re not a worker in your own business and can’t take out workers compensation insurance to cover yourself.

  • insurance for small employers

    You’re a small employer if you have a basic tariff premium (total wages x your industry rate) of $30,000 or less.

  • insurance for medium and large employers

    Experience rated businesses are employers with an average performance premium (total wages x your industry rate) greater than $30,000.

  • cross border arrangements

    If one of your workers carries out employment in more than one state or territory, then they’re considered to be a cross border worker.

  • principal contractor issues

    Some subcontractors are also treated as workers, and the principal contractor must cover them for workers compensation and declare any payments made as wages.

  • worker status service

    SIRA’s Worker Status Service offers specialised assistance to employers, to help you determine who you need to include in your workers compensation policy.