Will moving my claim disadvantage me?

We will make every effort to minimise the disruption to you. Your claim will move to the scheme agent selected to continue providing services on behalf of icare.

I don’t want my claim to move to another scheme agent. What can I do?

CGU is contracted to provide these services to icare until 31 December 2017. Your claims will remain with CGU until icare has determined when the services are to be transferred and to which scheme agent will be managing them. As CGU has elected to withdraw its services from NSW, icare must transfer your claim to a scheme agent that will continue to provide services on behalf of icare.

Will I continue to receive benefits?

Your benefits will continue as usual while your claim is being transferred to a new scheme agent. icare and the new scheme agent will work to ensure that you do not experience deterioration in customer service or claims management.

Will my benefits change?

Your benefits will continue to be calculated in accordance with the legislation. Depending on your eligibility and the status of your claim, you should continue to receive the same weekly benefits. If your circumstances have changed, advise your new scheme agent, when they are appointed, so they can update your claim file. As usual with any change in circumstances a review of your claim will take place, with any changes will be discussed with you.

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