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premium estimator

Use this tool to estimate your workers insurance premiums.

You can estimate your workers insurance premiums for your existing or new business using this online estimator.

The estimator can allow for changes to your business based on:

After selecting the ‘Start premium estimator' button at the bottom of this page, estimating your workers compensation premiums is a simple four-step process.

Step one

Read and accept the disclaimer.

Step two

Address the four entry conditions questions. These determine the suitability of the estimator for your business.

Step three

Enter your business details by:

  • entering your business activity
  • selecting the activity that best describes your business from the list
  • entering your total wages (and any apprentice wages) then selecting ‘Calculate’.

Step four

You can print or save a copy of the estimate or go back and add another business activity. You can also go back and vary your details to compare the impact of different business scenarios.

If you need more information call our Customer Support Centre on 13 44 22.

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